Standing Seam… DONE.

We now have a roof. An ACTUAL roof… metal over purlins over 30lb felt over roof decking ROOF!

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photo 4We decided on a 24 gauge standing seam snap-lock roof from Best Buy Metals. The roof looks AMAZING now that it is on our home. They make a high-quality product that is fairly easy to install with the right amount of hands on the job. I suggest 4 guys over two days for our size roof (36’x44’ish).

We put down 1″x4″ purlins to give an airspace for the metal roof to breathe. We put a purlin every 10″ as specified by Best Buy Metal. This way we were able to put a fastener (pancake screws) every 10″ and when we walk on the metal after installation it does not dent or oil-can. The 1″ air space acts as a form of insulation between the metal roof and the 30lb tar-paper. It is supposed to reduce the heat gain in the summer and the cool gain in the winter from the roof by 40%!

Now that we are done installing the panels, I will install the ridge-cap or trim at the top of the roof tomorrow. We will also need to install the gable trim on the left and right side of the roof which will completely finish the job.

Thank you for keeping track of our story everyone! We now have a metal roof on our new home! YAAAAAAY!

photo 5


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