Drawing Board, Round 102

We are burning the candle tonight. We have come to a place with our budget that we need to re-re-think some things, make additional cuts, and be as insanely creative as possible. We got this.

One cost cutter we are considering is using felt in place of Tyvek for beneath our siding. For siding, we are leaning towards scrapping the t1-11 idea and using any and all scrap wood that we have. Some will be board and batten, some snap lock…a whole bunch of beautiful mess. Hey, we could even end up creating a “look.”

Here’s some of the pics that were missing from yesterday’s post…

Ryan had too return some bad studs and pick up some new ones.

imageHe did some spray foam action where the 40 foot container meets the 20 footers.








Again, the laundry and master bedroom closet were framed out.

-1And the sliding glass door was prepped for its installation tomorrow morning.








Finally, an updated shot of the interior…



5 thoughts on “Drawing Board, Round 102

  1. I was at the Habitat re-use store the other day in Raleigh, NC, and I noticed there were a large number of doors, exterior doors, available for free. I got to thinking about how those doors would really cover a TON of square footage and would make a helluva cool ‘look’ if used as siding. I know you’re in Asheville, but I don’t know if you have a Habitat For Humanity Reuse center out there… but even if you don’t, finding old doors from remodels might not be too hard, and they might make excellent siding with a cool look. Consider covering any glass openings on the doors with small mirrors to protect the ‘look’ without having a glass opening to your insulation.

    1. correction -there IS a reuse center store in Asheville: http://www.ashevillehabitat.org/restore/restore

      Event if they don’t have a bunch of doors sitting out front for free, they usually sell them insanely cheap. Maybe drop to the manager that you’d like to buy a bunch in bulk and that you’d like to pay $15 each for them instead of their regular $25 price tag. Heck, you’d come out great even if you could get the doors for $45 each.

      Check this quick research out: Expect to pay $1000 for 200 ft of Hardyplank siding (http://www.homewyse.com/services/cost_to_install_fiber_cement_siding.html). That is $5 per sq foot… VS
      A 32 sq ft door (http://www.wikihow.com/images/1/14/Calculate-Amount-of-Paint-to-Paint-a-Room-Step-4.jpg) for $15 at fifty cents per square foot. Even if the door is $45, that’s still $1.40 per sq foot for siding.

  2. I’m no carpenter, but I love playing with these kinds of ideas. For the price, I think you could find a ton of weather-resistant doors that might add a TON of efficiency due to their thickness and density. But they would be WAY heavier than traditional siding, so you’ll have to put some thought into it. Looking forward to seeing how you solve this challenge, but know that I’m in Raleigh rooting for you!

    1. Thank you! We’re excited about the possibilities too. It looks like we have enough mixed matched reclaimed wood for the exterior. We are going to help with a barn deconstruction soon which will leave us with barn wood, pallets and maybe even doors for interior walls!

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