Yes, Yes, Yes and Yes

photo 1(40) It took a good part of the morning, but the sliding glass door to no where is officially installed!

Want some other good news? Ryan called the city and we can use our collection of wood as siding so long as we apply a weather resistant sealant. ALSO, we can use barn wood, pallets, maybe even reclaimed doors for interior walls, in place of drywall. This could mean some serious savings if we can just pause for a moment and come up with a super clear plan.

In an effort to escape rush hour gridlock, Ryan pulled off the main road and took a scenic drive towards a new 19 container restaurant/bar that is going up just a few miles from our place. Serendipitously, he ran into the owner and they were able to chat construction-stuff. This is going to turn into such a wonderful space!photo 4(26)

photo 3(32)








photo 2(29)

Finally, we are stoked to introduce you guys to an awesome company that is helping us incorporate their awesome products into our new home. We will update you on how these lights work their way into our final design, but for now…CHECK ‘EM OUT HERE!



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