Good Evening!

We are just getting ready to bed down after a long day, topped off by Soleil’s end of school year celebration. She got “The Old Soul Award” and we couldn’t be prouder.

This morning Ryan and I were both able to work on the house, thanks to the helping hands of Grandma Joan. Getting the paint right on these container doors continues to drive me a bit coo coo, but it’s getting there.

photo 3(33)photo 2(31)








Ryan framed our last wall (master bathroom) and finished off the washer/dryer space.

photo 5(20)photo 4(27)





Tomorrow should be a full one. We’ll be drivin’ nails and painting walls until about 5:00. But the payoff will be attending our dear friend’s ART OPENING and then bon-firing with family on the country side. Good night!


2 thoughts on “Bizee

  1. You’re making so much progress! I’m still reading daily, just not leaving a lot of comments because I’ve been busy with prep for my own tiny build. Gravel went down last week, made my building selection and will buy, and have it placed, in about a month (!)… can’t finish it until next spring, but I can start moving stuff a little at a time during visits between now and then… and camp out in it! In the mean time, there are floor plans to draw, erase and re-draw like a crazy woman! Love watching your build… have you figured out how you’re insulating? or did I miss that post… Since my build is small, I’m seriously considering the stuff at… It’d probably be too expensive for y’all, but the videos there are seriously cool! Nite! 🙂

    1. Hi Tracey! Congrats on getting so much closer with you own project….step by step. For insulation, we are using closed cell spray foam insulation for all exterior walls. This takes care of the condensation issues of the metal. We will not insulate interior walls and we will use batt insulation for the ceiling. We will have a company install the spray foam…pretty funky stuff.

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