photo 4(30)photo 1(43)Today Ryan met with another plumber. He gave us around the same quote as the first plumber. Ryan is pretty bummed out that he can’t just do the plumbing himself… but so it goes.

After the plumber left, we framed in part of the first door/window combination. Still working out the details as this is a CRAZY wall/door to frame.

Lastly our friend Brandon gave us his old base-board heaters. He took them out of his house when he renovated it. We will probably install these in our main living space with a thermostat so that we can meet code (main living space has to be heated to 65° three feet off the ground with a permanent heating element attached to a thermostat). Given we will have a stove we do not plan to use the baseboard heaters at all. Good thing they were free! We will however be installing energy efficient heating units in the bedrooms. We think we will be using wall mounted ceramic plates with thermostats on them. We will also be installing two ceiling fans on our cathedral ceiling and one in each bedroom. The fans and the ceramic heaters will each cost around $100 Thus the heating/cooling system with fans, baseboard, and ceramic will total around $1000. MUCH cheaper then the $4500 mini-split option!

Goodnight everyone and thanks for reading!


2 thoughts on “Plumbing?

  1. Why can’t he do the plumbing himself? Is it a code thing? Because PEX is the most amazing stuff I’ve ever worked with and it’s SO easy! Just wondering…

    1. Code. We are required to have a plumber sign off on the plumbing for the house…. this puts the plumbers license on the line if someone else does this work. This means 90% of plumbers want 2 do the work themselves or at least half of the work which means $$.

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