Hey folks! We are just getting home from Asheville Green Drinks. Wow, what a great reminder that we live in a very cool town with very cool people who envision a very cool future for our planet. We were honored to be speakers along with representatives of ACI Smartwall Building System and Alembic Studio (hempcrete). Also speaking was our engineer, Patrick Beville, of IONCON.

Some days are so jam packed that Ryan and I have no idea what each other has accomplished. Today is one of those days and since he’s passed out with Soleil, I still haven’t received the day’s rundown. My guess is that him and our buddy Golder continued to work on the frames for the ‘big mama’ windows that will be going in asap.

Ever wonder what Ryan and I do when we’re not figuring out how to build a house? (It’s ok if the thought has never crossed your mind) Well, we do lots of things. Ryan owns an environmentally friendly marketing and advertising company called Grow. He’s an amazingly talented artist and designer. I am a writer/poet/aspiring lyricist. Here’s a little jam that happened last week…enjoy!



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