Still Rollin’

photo 4(33)The painting continues, and continues, and continues.

photo 2(39)






And here is the aforementioned claw foot tub. We have decided (based on someone’s very insightful suggestion, ahem) to not rig the tub to be both tub and shower. Rather, one bathroom will have a bath option and the other a standing shower option. Easy. 3(41)

Hope you all have a wonderful Saturday and wake to a lazy Sunday!


3 thoughts on “Still Rollin’

  1. Since it will be a stand alone bathtub, might I suggest pulling it away from both walls a bit? Assuming that the water will be feeding the faucet from the floor, rather than through the wall.. and if you can spare the six inches in each direction? Otherwise… it’s really difficult to retrieve dropped things (toys, soap, shampoo bottles) or clean the wall, or repaint or… well anything… behind a clawfoot tub… Ask me how I know? 🙂

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