Plumbing, Paintings, Time Lapse

photo(9)Hey lovely readers. Soleil and I just wrapped up some late night construction site cleanup. I sweep wood chips and electrical scraps into piles, she pulls from the piles anything she deems a “treasure.” We’re not the most productive duo, but we have fun.

Ryan began plumbing this morning. Tomorrow, we work on installing the wood burning stove.

Last night we received a gift for the home from our dear friend and talented artist, Deanna Chilian. Very much looking forward to hanging this stunning painting.

We’ve told ya’ll before, but we’ll tell you again…we live in an incredibly beautiful Appalachian town. Check out this time lapse to get the gist!



One thought on “Plumbing, Paintings, Time Lapse

  1. IIRC, Asheville was one of the top 10, if not #1, on Outdoor magazine’s list of places to live in the early 90’s. It was a dream destination for me during grad school. Someday, I hope to be able to take my wife and daughter back to show them some of what I grew to love in the area.

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