Green Chimney Track-Hoe

Today began with our amazing carpenter / neighbor Michael from Creative Carpentry and Woodscapes leading the way through the chimney installation. We chopped rafters, cut holes in roof decking, and even cut a hole in the metal roof! After all was said and done a chimney remained towering high above our home.



















As the chimney was being installed, a Asheville city inspector rolled onto the scene. After careful inspection and a bit of chit-chat about our home, he handed me a green card for our electrical rough in inspection! photo 1(47)green






Thank you Clint and C.H. Ervin Electric for doing such an amazing job wiring up our home. We cant WAIT to turn on the lights and fans!

photo 3Finally a big FORK in the road. We had a track-hoe put on hold for us to rent today from Rent-All for the weekend. They told us that our Ford F-150 truck would be just fine for picking up the trailer and driving the track-hoe over to the construction site. They did not tell us that we had to have a hitch mounted to the frame of the vehicle to do so and not just a ball hitch. THUS we needed help getting this huge machine back to our home. Thankfully our neighbor Fulton was glad to lend a hand. He showed up like a knight in shining armor with his F-250 and towed the track-hoe back to our house in the blink of an eye. Thank God for good friends!

photo 2On that note it is now time for some sleep… we have a LONG and BUSY weekend of work ahead. Goodnight!


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