The Longest Day In A Long While

Happy Fourth everyone! From my perch by our living room window I can hear and just barely see some fireworks off in the distance. Our home building day has not yet ended, but writing this post gives me a chance to sit for a few. Aaaaahhhh.

photo 1(52)This morning started with drying in the chimney. Michael and Ryan put a few solid hours. It needs just a bit more work, but is now at the point that we can finish it on our own. Thank you for all of the help Michael!

Next up: learn how to operate a track hoe. Ryan caught on quick and before I knew it, he was digging our lines. He just should not have said, “I can’t believe I haven’t hit our photo 3(45)neighbor’s water line yet!” Because then he hit our neighbor’s water line. THANK YOU Peter for having told us to TURN OFF the line before digging. Ryan is out getting parts and we’ll be fixing that oops by either moon light or flash light this 2(42)

And lastly, I’m covered in paint…from painting.





Oh, and the latest clip from our documentary film maker…


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