Digging Round 2

WOW. I thought yesterday was long… today felt 10x longer.

phooI finished digging the 150ft. long sewer trench from the house to the city sewer line, and finished digging the 50ft. long water trench from the house to the meter. I dug both of these 2ft. deep through straight clay. I also graded the front of the house to meet code. The front yard slopes down towards our house… so I had to dig a trench in front of the home and pile dirt up to the top of the footer, creating a negative slope away from the house. This way water will drain away from the home to the sides of the house instead of soaking into the foundation.

photo 3(44)I got stung by a hornet as I was digging the drainage trench into the woods beside the house… first time I have gotten stung in years! It still hurts… not fun. I also knocked out one of our windows with the track-hoe while grading in front of the house. Luckily the bucket hit it RIGHT on the aluminum between the glass panes, and neither one of the glass panes broke when they fell to the floor! I was able to put them right back in… no problem. SO SO lucky!

The surprise I mentioned in the last post will have to wait until tomorrow evening. We just finished working a minute ago, and Brook and I are both at the end of our ropes for today. Stay tuned… tomorrow we will post the surprise for everyone to see!

Thanks for reading… g’night.


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