Hello readers—near and far. First, a pause, to say, “THANK YOU!” Over the past DREAM.year, we have been blown away by the outpouring of suggestions, support and general camaraderie that has served as high octane fuel for our fire. To put it plain and simple, you guys rock and we are very grateful for you all.

From the start, this house was a huge question mark. Could it be done? Could we build a beautiful, standard-sized, environmentally aware house for an impressively small amount of money? We wanted to do it for $40,000, but we said, “Let’s over shoot it. $50,000.” Well, we successfully over shot it (Yay us!). Then, we overshot $60,000 and as of this current moment, our entire home construction allotment ($70,000) has been
accounted for.

We had accepted this home would be unfinished, but now we are looking at a home that is approximately $8,000 away from certificate of occupancy status.

We have been trying to take a heart-centered approach to acquiring these funds. We love programs like Kickstarter, but we do not feel that they are a good match for this particular project. We do not want to perpetuate the accumulation of stuff in the form of prizes. We also do not wish to ask for a significant sum of money (we consider $5, $10, $20 significant sums of money) from any one individual.

So, we got to thinking (I know, scary) and we thunked up THE ONE DOLLAR CAMPAIGN. If you join the team you will:

Not receive a bumper sticker. No t-shirt. BUT, we give you full permission to say from hence forth, “I helped build the first shipping container home in Asheville, North Carolina.” Because seriously, your $1 is going to actually help build the first shipping container home in Asheville, North Carolina. We will also include an air high five and a virtual hug, of course.

If you have read this blog a handful of times, if you have learned a little something, if it has supported you in any way to dream your own home building dream, would you consider a donation to help sail us home? How special it would be to run the final lap with you all.

If you would like to donate, please click HERE.

Thank you (from Ryan). Thank you (from Brook). Thank you (from Soleil).



  1. Hey!
    I just donated a few extra dollars over your $1 request. I think the house you guys are building is amazing and very inspiring. And I kinda love that you guys are willing to let complete strangers help you to achieve this goal. Best of luck with the fundraiser.

    Xx Helene (Australia)

    1. Wow Helene! thank you for this special comment, and for your donation. It was a difficult decision to ask for help, but when we felt like it could be a positive/enjoyable thing for others, we went for it. The outpouring of generosity is humbling, to say the least. What a beautiful reminder that we’re all in it together and that people are kind creatures. We do hope you’ll tell everyone in Australia that you helped build this home!!

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