Going Back To The Trenches

Good Evening!

Let’s take a few steps back and recap the water/sewer line situation. We photo 5(25)could have had someone do the digging for us. That estimate was $2,300. The fee for a 3 day track hoe rental was $230 per day. We were given the first day free because it was the Fourth of July. We put $100 into pick up and drop off. So, our total was $510 with Ryan behind the wheel.

Where the track hoe didn’t fit, this girl got to digging…

photo 1(55)After completing half of the sewage trench, we realized we had dug through our neighbor’s build-able land and not within the easement (easements are the areas on the edge of properties where you are SUPPOSED to dig your utilities). This could have been a HUGE problem. So, huge we don’t even want to think about it too much. But, by the grace of Jahovah, God, woodland fairies, etc. the property owner decided to positively approach the situation. In exchange for keeping the sewage trench where we had dug it, we would allow her to place her water lines (for both of her lots) in the same trench. Hallelujah.


Because our neighbor will be adding her lines, we will wait until her plumbing permits are pulled before we re-fill the trenches. So, this evening consisted of covering the fill so that it does not become rock hard while it sits.

Inspection: No green card today, but no red card either. Our inspector was a super kind person who spent his time today educating us on what we need to do by the time he comes back for his “rescheduled” inspection. We need to place and connect all pipes, acquire our plumbing permits and show legal documentation of our arrangement with our neighbor. We are hoping to have all of this completed by Friday.

photo 4(35)photo 2(44)

Finally, we spray painted the entire chimney silver to match the roof. It looks a hecka ton better.

photo 5(26)Thank you to all those who donated on the first day of our fundraising campaign. We are humbled by your generosity.

Please CLICK HERE if you would like to invest a dollar in this project!

Good night.


2 thoughts on “Going Back To The Trenches

  1. I’m not sure it is applicable, but might you want to run a coaxial line in the trench… or perhaps a 4 inch PVC… just in case for the next project or for running a line we cannot know or contemplate with our current knowledge? Just a thought….

    1. Great suggestion, can’t swing it based on limited funds but we are running another water line through the trench in case we want to do this crazy building thing again some day 🙂

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