Today has been one of those running around all crazy like kind of days. In the midst of it all though, we did acquire our official plumbing permits and we went to the Register of Deeds to sign all the legal mumbo jumbo regarding our little trench situation.

I think we need a moment to catch our breath, so tonight we’re going to watch “TINY: A Story About Living Small.”

(Oh, and 21 DAYS LEFT, thank you all)


4 thoughts on “TINY

  1. Just a view point from my generations point of view… It amazes me how more and more women that I meet, that are in the 60-70 age range, seem to increasingly want a simpler life style. It requires a great deal, no, a huge amount, of perseverance, fortitude, and energy to reduce our material goods. Regardless of the sentimental value, initial cost, ease of replacement, etc., it is a long difficult effort to simplify one’s life, ridding it of extraneous material goods. The idea of living “tiny” is a dream to aspire to… as is building your own shipping container home. I guess as one gets older, we appreciate that the highest value in life is in relationships and experiences, not in what things you own.

    1. Yes. That’s why I really like this film. It was less about living out of 120 sq. feet and more about re-assessing your life, clarifying your priorities, focusing on what you deem important and downsizing to whatever degree makes you happy.

  2. That’s so interesting you say that – I turn 60 this month. My husband and I just sold our old 2 story home and moved to an apartment. It feels so “light”. We love it! We started about 2 years ago taking carloads to charity. Gave away a lot of things, sold furniture….really I have no attachment to any of my stuff any more. It’s so interesting. We feel as if we’re on vacation. I highly recommend.

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