Red Means No, But Green Means…

Lots of line running and trench cleaning today…

photo 1(57)photo 2(47)

But, looks like it was worth it…indexGreen means go!!

We are so grateful to Peter and Bobby for their expertise and helping hands! Next up…we will fill dirt in under the pipes as to provide support and prevent any bowing. Then we’ll cover it all up like nothing ever happened. There’s alot going on underground that I’d never thought much about until now!

We’ve decided to go with drywall for the cathedral ceiling, but at one point not so oop9g00elong ago, doors were definitely on the option list. Guess it would have looked a little something like this!

I am off to do a bit more research on acid washing concrete floors. Has anyone taken on this project or have recommendations for quality/affordable product?

We continue to receive so many kind donations, thank you. Have a great one!



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