Well, while we’ve been figuring out how to build a shipping container home on the East coast, Ryan’s cousin and his sweet family have been figuring out how to build a tiny house out West. We are in complete awe of their new home and the inspiring lives they are living. They are off the grid and off the web so it is very special for us to be able to share these pics with you all. Enjoy this 300 square feet of hard work and pure joy!10428243_10204256350271224_3107639093824191810_o10484272_10204256990127220_2900305496544765786_n10354601_10204257063249048_8825672839853262563_n10514724_10204256988287174_7048207218743798547_n1907722_10204256989527205_7062475351363423230_n10478123_10204256989607207_7865669986999041213_nWe’re thinking up all kinds of ideas for how to meet our $8,000 goal. Your donations are such a special part of getting there. Thank you!




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