No Work On Sunday

photo 1First we would like to say THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for your kind and generous donations. We are currently at a bit over $800 which is 1/10 of the way to our goal! We hope to raise the final $7,200 by the end of the month. The fund-raiser will help us so much with the completion of our project, and will mean that we have an entire community of help building our home!

As far as today goes, the title says it all. Today was a house-free day (for the most part). We were in need of this as we have not stopped to breathe in a while.We went to Jubilee! and heard some amazing music. We watched Germany win the world cup game. We were on the guest list for a 50-piece symphony orchestra downtown this evening, and took Soleil to her first every orchestra (she LOVED it).photo 2

Other then adding a DIY chimney brace to our roof… (smashing the ends of conduit flat, bending, and screwing into the roof and into pipe-clamps hooked together around the chimney), today was a day of relaxing. Tomorrow however will be another day of work on the home!

Thank you for following our progress… even through the slow days. Here is a SWEET treat for your time… ways to add passive solar to your home 😉 enjoy!photo 3Goodnight.



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