Riding The Waves

Today has had its ups and its downs. Let’s start with an up, shall we? This morning we met our immediate fundraising goal and thus received a beyond generous matching contribution from two anonymous donors. We are so grateful for EVERY dollar that has been contributed to this project and we have 15 days left to go! If you would like to add your 100 pennies, 4 quarters, or 10 dimes (we’re not picky) you can send them here.

The down is our plumbing. Its trickier than we thought and there have been some photo 2(49)unforeseen complications. Yesterday, we thought the washer and dryer were good to go. This morning, they did not get our licensed plumber’s seal of approval. So, at 9:00 this evening, Ryan is doing some fix it work. All will be well. This phase will come to completion and onward we’ll march!

Back to the good things…

Highland Brewing Company gifted us with two food grade rain barrels. Sweet!

photo 2(48)We’ve decided to use the old farm sink as our kitchen sink and to build it into the kitchen island.

photo 1(59)All day we were trying to figure out what we would construct the island out of and then, lo and behold, our neighbors/friends brought us this beautiful piece, which when chopped in half and slightly reconstructed, will be perfect.

photo 3(50)With all this work, you gotta find time for play. Soleil gives good lessons in pure joy. Today’s classroom, the river.

photo 1(58)

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