He Done Sunk The Sink

As this day comes to a close, I ponder the time that will come when I do not look like a live Jackson Pollock splatter painting…

Ryan and I spent the evening working together on the kitchen counters and cabinets in the basement. After witnessing major freakouts over,
A. Many giant spiders

B. The possibility that I had self-inflicted frostbite from a run in with a compressed air can…

he is wondering how I get anything done.

This morning’s big victory was the placement of the kitchen sink! Good job Ry, it’s well on its way to awesomeness.

From this:

photo 4(38)To this:photo 1(60)photo 2(50)And a very special ‘thanks’ to Soleil. She’s been a stellar crew member lately.

photo 3(51)(Oh, and a wee little reminder about THIS LITTLE GUY)


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