Gettin’ There

My goodness. Some days are just so wildly jam packed. We started at about 7:00 this morning, and at 10:30 we just completed our final Lowe’s round of the day.

It was a very ‘little this, little that’ kind of day, but we managed to tackle some plumbing, bathroom planning, photo 1(61)painting, and purchasing. We also cleaned the place up which just makes all the difference in the world. A couple of pals stopped by to see the home for the first time and that was very special. It’s always uplifting to look at the project through new eyes.

Tonight we are prepping the bathroom floors, so that tomorrow we can seal them. This is the original shipping container floor that I’m talking about. We are scrubbing them down with a deck cleaning product and then using a satin epoxy sealer. Completing the floors will allow us to put all the bathroom objects in their place and finish off their plumbing.

It’s all coming together…

photo 2(51)

If you vote YES to figuring out sustainable housing options, would you consider a donation of $1 to our FINISHING FUND? Thank you big time.


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