jToday we received gifts in many forms. A break from the construction consisted of a sunny warm day kayaking the Nolichucky gorge at 2,000 CFS.

photo 3Then home to pick up a used 250 gallon IBC tank from our neighbor that we will use for our rain catchment system once we clean out the mulch dye in there. He also passed on a compost tumbler! Once we repair a few holes and bolts on the tumbler, our compost will be stepping up a notch or two 😉

From a relaxing non-construction day to a EARLY full-on house work day tomorrow. We will be back-filling the sewer/water trenches with sand and the clay we dug up all day. Wish us luck!

I will leave you with some amazing photos of the new 19 shipping container bar/restaurant on Riverside Drive. These photographs were taken by the wonderfully talented, Keli Keach. We are so excited to announce that Keli is a new part of our project and will be helping us capture this home in a whole new light.




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