Last night we cleaned our bathroom floors with a deck cleaner/brightener. Then we laid one coat of Clear-Seal clear epoxy on them both. This morning we woke up and put on another coat. By tomorrow they should be ready to walk on!photo 3photo 4

photo 2photo 1This morning we also fixed the compost mixer. With a few threaded rods, some nuts, screw,s and washers, a little aluminum flashing, and some pop-rivets, she was good to go! We loaded her up with our compost and spun her around a few times. Fin.

photo 2This morning we also called in a dump-truck for some sand. We had 17 tons delivered, and our helper Brad was here by 10 to help us fill in the sewer trench. We started by dumping in sand, working it under the pipes, and spraying it down with water to compact it and work it further under the pipes. Then we put some sand on top of the pipes and sprayed that down as well. The sand will prevent any rocks from getting close to the pipe and potentially putting a hole in it. Once all the sand was in place, we back-filled the dirt into the trench.

photo 5As we were pushing in the dirt, the guys from MSD (metropolitan sewer district) showed up with two trucks full of gear and a track hoe! They were here to tap the city sewer line for us and tie in our sewer line the same day that we were burying it. Luck.

photo 4We now have our water lines and sewer lines officially tied into the city lines, buried, and working properly. THANK GOD.

Exhausted. Goodnight.


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