Paint, Plumb, Play and BIG NEWS!

photo 1(65)The day I switch from oil on metal to acrylic on drywall…drinks all the way around!!! It’s gettin’ there. Slow and steady.

The plumbing continues. By the end of tomorrow, Ryan should have all of the drainage complete and the entire plumbing rough in should be wrapped up by mid week. I have no idea how he’s figuring all this out. Thanks for having a smart brain Ry.

photo 1(64)

This evening brought a pause in the construction of our home and a little bit of fixin’ up work on La Casa de Soleil.

photo 2(56)





photo 2(55)


Our crowd funding efforts are coming to a close. You all have brought us almost 1/4th of the way to our big goal! Thank you, we feel lifted. If you would like to add your $1, there is still time!


Alright…drum roll please.

Last night, via our 40×28 Facebook page, we introduced a clip on tiny homes that aired late May on ABC.

We said we would give you the “why” tonight. So, dun da da daaaaaaaaah! Our little shipping home will be featured in a follow up to this micro homes story. Air date should be sometime in the next week. We’ll keep you updated!



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