Drained (In A Good Way)

Hey everyone! Hope your week is off to a fabulous start. Ryan finished ALL the drainage for the house this evening. Next up: check drainage for any leaks and install the PEX for the water pipes.

Soleil thought her rehabed play structure was pretty sweet. So glad we were able to save that one from the landfill. We’ve got a good amount of metal roofing left over, so it will be fun to add a new mini roof to her reclaimed castle.

Our drywall guy went AWOL and so we’ve been sweatin’ it for a few days. I have made countless calls without luck. So, today I did a little bit of envisioning, a little drywall meditation if you will. And…someone called! We’ve got a meeting set up for Wednesday so fingers crossed!

The goal was to be moving in on Ryan’s birthday. We will not be in by August 7, but we will be moving very soon. This thought definitely initiates the ole butterflies in the belly situation. We have always had what we need over the past few years, but it has been an up and down and all around type whirlwind as well. The idea of home, of settling in…that just sounds so nice.

Check out THIS container home we heard about through How To Build a Shipping Container Home.

casa-cubica-exterior1-via-smallhouseblissAnd in case you haven’t heard…our readers are helping us finish this home. CLICK HERE if it just feels right.


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