The goal is to use our little plot of land to feed our family. My thumb is determined to turn green and one day soon we will till, seed, water and love on this ground. For now, its muddy and slippery and here an there could use a splash of grass. So, Ryan put in quite a few hours today raking, throwing down seed and covering with hay. Tomorrow is my turn to finish the job. If I can’t make grass grow, we might have to reconsider my ability to garden.

photo via Apartment Therapy

Along with these future food projects, we can’t wait to raise some city chickens! This post highlights some of the cluckin’ allstars (and their tendencies to test your greens).

All of Ryan’s drainage work got the “Good Job!” today from our plumber, Peter Johnson. Our leak test may be a few days out, but as always there’s plenty else to be done.



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