$Free 99

$2,038.26. Over the past month, you all have generously brought us over 1/4 of the the way towards our goal. It is an honor to know that our home has been a community effort and so special that our readers, near and far, are a part of that community. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Well, this morning was a success. Ryan headed out early to collect the 1.5″ rigid photo 1(67)foam insulation scraps from a local building company. The R value of this insulation is 7.5. In Asheville, code requires R19 for floors (and this insulation will be used on the underside of the containers to insulate our floors). So, three layers it is!

The big bonus was something we were not expecting. While picking up the insulation, someone mentioned we could also have access to the company’s hardieplank scraps. Our siding option just got a HUGE upgrade! Thank you Deltec. We are more than excited and grateful for this mutually beneficial partnership.photo 2(57)

A flat tire on the farm truck would’ve slowed us down, but we have very helpful neighbors who did some super quick patchwork. And, at age three, Soleil learned how to change a tire.

photo 5(30)





Come morning, the girls will finish spreading grass seed and Ryan will be back on plumbing duty.
photo 1(66)photo 4(42)





Hope you all have a wonderful evening and a great start to your Friday!


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