Green Pipes

photo 3Whelp, today was the day..

July was a plumbing month. We’ve laid pipe in the ground, under the containers, and through the walls. I have been figuring out (with our licensed plumbers help) how to install the drainage and water lines for our home. If anyone around Asheville needs a plumber, his name is Peter Johnson ( and he is an AMAZING plumber and a great guy. He actually shows up when he says he will as well which is a MIRACLE in the construction business. Today the city inspector came out to the house and did his job. After throughly inspecting my first ever home plumbing project, he gave me a GREEN CARD! THANK GOD.

Though it was a very eye-opening experience, I now see why plumbers charge more than electricians. Connecting pipes with a billion different fittings… keeping drains flowing down through the photo 1entire home… changing pipe size from 4″ to 3″ to 2″ to 1″ to 3/4″ to 1/2″ in a MILLION DIFFERENT WAYS gets confusing and very tiring very quickly. Leaks SUCK. Having to cut-out pipe and re-do fittings is time and money draining, and PVC and PEX and Copper pipes and fittings are EXPENSIVE AS HELL and hard to connect! I never in my wildest dreams thought I would bring back over $450 worth of PVC fittings to LOWES. Thankfully the return guy was extremely patient and photo 2understanding, Soleil was very entertaining, and we had no-one behind us waiting. We are extremely grateful for the entire experience.

On another note, ABC news should be premiering our home sometime this week and thus we have decided to extend the fund-raiser another couple of weeks as well. We figure national news might bring us a few more followers and hopefully one or two of them might pitch in for the cause! Crossing our fingers and toes on that one. Thank you once again readers from around the globe for donating to our home. Those who do not have the funds, PLEASE like our facebook page! It’s free and still shows us that you care about our project and are a part of this community lifting us into our first home. We hope that this project will be an inspiration to others. No matter how big and intimidating the task might be… no matter how busy a life you have or how little you know about something… you can learn as you go and you CAN do it (with a bit of dedication and a few helping hands).

Thank you, Thank  you, Thank you, and…. Goodnight.

2 thoughts on “Green Pipes

  1. Been busy helping DD prepare for her wedding at the end of the month and somehow missed a few days or your journey! All caught up now… y’all are KICKING IT! YAY~! Can’t wait to see the ABC coverage! Good idea about keepin’ the fund raiser open… Fingers and TOES crossed for you! 🙂

    1. Thanks Tracey! We just introduced “The Little Engine That Could” to Soleil so “I think I can, I think I can” has become the new family mantra. Hope the wedding is magical!

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