Hello World!

Today mainly consisted of cleaning up equipment lent to us by our licensed plumber Peter Johnson and spreading more grass seed on the remainder of our muddy lot. Brook and Soleil picked me up a pretty special birthday treat cupcake, and the evening was spent eating yet another delicious concocted dinner from chef Brook, finalized by books in bed with Soleil. Perfect.

IONCON-LOGOresize1Tomorrow will be an interesting day. We called in the framing inspection, but must get a “special inspection” from IONCON to meet code. We are trying to get both the city and our engineering guys to be here at the same time for the inspection. WISH US LUCK! logoWe might also be picking up our siding (scrap hardiboard) with some more scrap insulation from Deltec homes. We are 99% certain they will be the insulation provider for our home, and we are extremely grateful for their kindness and generosity.

On that note off to bed we go for a jam-packed 28th birth-day tomorrow! Who knows… I might even get to go kayaking for a second or two?



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