Good Stuff

As many of you know, some nights with a toddler result in a three hour power struggle, ending with the child eventually falling asleep due to shear exhaustion and you, delirious, with a plate full of bacon, cherries and whipped cream, getting ready to write a blog post. Here we go…

We’ve been planting all this grass seed because the land had become a muddy slip n’ slide. Little did we know that grass is mandatory for acquiring your certificate of occupancy. Well, that worked out nicely.

photo 1(70)photo 2(59)






This afternoon another drywall company stopped by to collect measurements for an estimate. Come on lucky number 10!

ABC re-contacted us and it looks like our little clip will air on The Nightly News sometime this week. Since we don’t have television, this will be a little anti-climactic, BUT still exciting. When we hear more specifics, we’ll let you know!

We pulled this news snippet from How To Build Shipping Container Homes. Check it!



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