Secure, Insulate, Illuminate

Hey wophoto 2(60)rld! Well, the bracing is complete on plumbing. Always feels good to wrap up a task (pun always intended).

A majority of the day was spent installing the rigid insulation beneath the containers. A big thank you to our friend Tim for helping out.

We thought we had 1.5″ insulation boards, however they ended up being 1″…meaning we have to use 4 instead of 3 sheets to reach r-value requirements. The adhesive had a little bit of a learning curve. You’ve got to use an entire bottle in one shot or it glues itself shut and you end up with wasted product.

photo 3(58)photo 4(45)





So many parts of the ‘building a home puzzle,’ require lots of labor and have a very minimal visual impact. This can help you lose motivation real quick. To address this situation, we’ve realized it’s good to take breaks and accomplish small tasks that satisfy our “Look what I did!” needs. Ryan took a pause this morning and figured out how to hang our marine lights over the kitchen island. They look very industrial, very awesome, very oo, la, la.

photo 1(71)


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