Meter and Foam

Our bellies our bursting with pizza and ice cream. Thank you to Ryan’s mama and papa for a wonderful belated birthday gathering.

This morning brought installation of the meter box and spray foaming around thephoto 1(72)windows.

photo 2(61)





We had received some conflicting info about using pallets/alternatives to drywall so we called to clear it all up with the city. If we decide to use pallets, we do not need drywall underneath them, but we do have to paint them all with a special fire resistant product, apparently available at Sherwin Williams. We are going to price it out, but if drywall is not a huge price difference, we’ll go with it. Pallets would be great, but time’s a tickin’ and some of our decisions are based purely on our schedule.

photo 5(32)Tomorrow is sure to be a busy one.

But, building a house is nothing compared to putting a sugar-overloaded toddler to sleep.

Wish me luck.


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