Forward Movement

Yep, long day, just as predicted. But, drum roll please, looks like we’ve got a great drywall crew! Hoo. Ray.

After an extensive meeting with Deltec and a thorough review of ALL insulation choices, we are back at the drawing board and potentially making some changes. We’ll keep you updated.

The city called us today to correct themselves. Say what?! Pallet wood inherently meets fire safety code and so does not need the fire proofing product added to it. That being said, we are still going to drywall ALL framed walls. Time just be slippin’ too dang fast.

photo 5(33)In other news…we’re the new, not-quite-yet proud owners of the world’s ugliest refrigerator. But hey, it works! (Notice the pin stripe. Yes, this fridge was detailed at an auto body shop. We’re fancy.)

Back at it tomorrow, but making sure to enjoy our last day with Ryan’s parents before they move to Florida. Noooooooooooooo!


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