Yes Yes

Always nice coming home to a fresh green card in your job box. Now we have the official “good to go” from the city on all of our framing. Happy dance.

I think I’ve got the solution to our refrigerator woes and the perfect weekend project. We wanted to paint something in chalkboard paint for Soleil, we would really like to re-paint this appliance, so…









We’re still working with Deltec on coming up with our final insulation plan. They are so supportive and helpful and I’ve got a feeling its all going to work out just right!


4 thoughts on “Yes Yes

  1. Chalkboard paint works GREAT on a smooth surface fridge, not so great on a textured one. The chalkboard paint tends to flake off… Ask me how I know? 🙂 I tried to blow the “ugly fridge” picture up and it looks like it might be textured? So… maybe just paint the big door with a gloss black paint to match the top… I dunno… But good luck with it! 🙂

      1. Well… that’s part of the problem inherent in the textured surface… sanded, then wire brushed to get the crevices… while trying not to damage the metal… I dunno, mine flaked, but ymmv! Eventually I was able to afford a new smallish-but-not-mini fridge, so I just used blackboard paint on the narrow door that led to the basement to appease my “blackboard addicted” self 🙂 It’s also nice on the INSIDE of a few cabinet doors to use for scratch paper, grocery lists, etc!

        On a completely unrelated subject, I taped off my tiny house living room footprint in my current living room, and also taped off my tiny house bedroom, storage area and bathroom (all of those fit in my current bedroom(!) )… and I arranged most of the furnishings that I will be using. So now, whatever doesn’t fit in those spaces… doesn’t come with me. I do have a small loft area to put a FEW extra boxes (Christmas decorations and other seasonal stuff) but that’s gonna be my rule… everything else must go 🙂 Daughter gets married in two weeks, and once that is over my focus returns entirely to sprucing up of my current home, to re-finance, and free up a piece of land that acts as collateral against it, and selling that piece of property. That money will fund the next several years of my life! Getting more excited every day!

      2. Yay for all things good and new and exciting!!!

        We’ll let you know how the fridge goes. The very helpful Home Depot man said that the Gripper primer should take a lot of the ‘texture’ out of the fridge as well. Guess we’ll find out!

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