Family, Foam, Fun

Ryan’s parents completed a safe voyage to Florida, and my mama and papa are safely in Asheville. We are looking forward to the next couple of days with them, and of course, have already put them to work on the house.

Decision made. Closed cell spray foam insulation for the framed exterior metal walls. Open cell spray foam for the interior walls and cathedral ceiling. Rigid foam board beneath the containers. Deltec will come in for the installation either next week or the following. They have given us a list of tasks to complete upfront so as the offset the cost. They will also be providing us with more rigid insulation, at no cost, tomorrow morning. Thank you Deltec!

This evening we are solidifying our plans for heat source #2. Alot of back and forth on this one, but we’ll get there.

We’re going for the refrigerator makeover. Out attempt will include:photo-product-028
-Sanding with 120 grit sanding rounds-Applying Glidden Gripper primer (grey)
-Applying 2-3 coats of Rustoleum “schoolhouse green” indexchalkboard paint





I’m also loving Chalk Ink for a little less chalky chalk look.



3 thoughts on “Family, Foam, Fun

  1. OH! The GRIPPER stuff might make all the difference… (she says, eyeing that smallish-but-not-mini fridge that is now about eight years old) >evil grin< 🙂

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