Foam Wood Hornets Hat Chalk

Well this house is just a mess!
photo 2(67)That’s just how spray foam goes. Snagged a few extra pics so that you could see more of our puffy palace…

Also, for and additional $180, we had the Deltec dudes spray any unfinished areas under the containers. Well worth the money as installing the rigid board has been quite time consuming.

photo 3(62)photo 4(48)Earlier today, Ryan worked on staining the Hardieboard and coming up with a plan for its installation.

This evening, while cutting down a Locust tree for our permanent power lines, photo 1(77)Ryan accidentally disturbed a hornet’s nest. Multiple stings. Right to the eye.

In other news, spray foam day #2 begins tomorrow morning.

Also, Soleil insists on always wearing a face mask. Atop her head. I tell her it looks photo 2(66)like a yamaka. She says it’s her favorite hat.

And finally, a message brought to you by our new chalkboard refrigerator! G’night ya’ll.
photo 1(76)









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