photo 1RE-CAP:

On Tuesday, Deltec sprayed in SEALECTION 500 open-cell spray foam insulation on our stud walls, between the rafters of our cathedral ceiling, and in some of the cavities between the C-channels under the containers.

photo 2photo 3Today they shaved off the extra bubbled out open-cell foam, and finished the insulation on our home with 2″ of closed-cell HEATLOK SOY foam. They sprayed this against the inside of the exterior container walls (three sides of our home). This foam will act as a complete moisture barrier, preventing any possibility of condensation issues within our walls. Tomorrow the city inspects! Fingers, toes, and eyes all crossed for a GREEN CARD.

photo 4photo 5Before Deltec arrived, Michael Wray from Creative Carpentry and Woodscapes helped me put in our LAST window! Finally… our home is now completely dried in and insulated. Thank god for carpenters that are not afraid of heights!

Finally Adam came by this evening with Progress/Duke energy, and put in the order for a power pole to be dug in and a line run down into the ground and run underground to our home. I have to finish chopping down the locust tree in their way, so tonight I will be dumping gasoline down two yellow-jacket holes. Hopefully this will kill both hives completely. I HATE yellow-jackets. Wish me luck!

Over the next week we will be concentrating on drywall and exterior siding/soffiting.

Goodnight everyone!

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