Dry Walls

Big day!! I took a ton of drywall pics, but when I went to look at them just now they were pretty much all horrible. I’ll try again tomorrow with different lighting, angles, etc.. But, here’s a taste:

photo 1(80)photo 2(70)





Today the crew from Vinny’s Drywall completed one bedroom, the entire cathedral ceiling and roughly half of the loft area. Wonderful, hardworking crew. They worked from 8-8 and will be back at 8 tomorrow. Things are looking quite different around here…

While the drywall guys were doing their thing inside, Ryan had a project going on out back. He has now nearly completed the insulated “shed” for the water heater. There is enough space to hold other temperature sensitive materials as well.

photo 2(69)photo 1(79)





We just took our croopy kid out, way past bedtime, to purchase the water heater and all the fixins. A bit of an emotional purchase as it was indeed a leaking water heater that set this whole adventure in motion just over 1 year ago!

photo 3(64)When we returned, there had been a late night delivery. Looks like we’ve got our secondary heat source! Baseboard heating–one in each bedroom and bathroom, one in the kitchen and one in the living room.

Last night was a no sleep night for me so fingers crossed for this one. Drywall round two tomorrow!


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