Looking Like A Home

We’re still struggling with the photos, but here’s a few more of drywall, phase 2. Vinny’s Drywall crew is aiming to complete all finishing work by the end of Thursday. The hanging guys will attempt to complete their part by midway through tomorrow.

master bedroom
master bedroom







photo 5(36)Before the walls went up, Ryan was able to install the recycled BATT insulation between bedrooms and between both of the bathrooms and the kitchen. We’re just using the BATT in these areas because we had it and it will help, if only a little, with sound control.

We rounded out the evening with a night walk around the neighborhood. Coming up the backside of the house, this is what it looked like–all aglow with a lone drywallers working well past the usual 9-5. We are so grateful for all the hands that have contributed to this home.

photo 1(81)photo 2(71)


4 thoughts on “Looking Like A Home

  1. Isn’t it crazy how drywall just changes EVERYTHING! Makes it go from a bunch of metal and 2×4’s to a HOME! Lookin’ awesome 🙂

  2. So I’m a fellow North Carolinian who has an interest in building a container home for myself and over the last month have read every single one of your blog posts. I just wanted to say thank you and you’ve inspired me and informed me and I plan on keeping up with 40×28. Goodwill and good luck!

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