Phase One, Done

Well, within the last 30 minutes, Soleil finally fussed herself to sleep and the drywall became 100% installed. It looks, quite simply, amazing. Of course I tried to take more pics…usual fail on capturing the effect, but ya’ll know I’m trying! Please check out Vinny’s Drywall if you live anywhere close to Asheville, NC. as they are AMAZING at what they do.

master bedroom closet
master bedroom closet
guest bathroom
guest bathroom









photo 3(66)
guest bedroom

Remember how we all wondered if I could pull off growing grass?

It grew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

photo 4(51)





Drywall finishing crew will be rolling in tomorrow morning. We’ve pulled a few all-nighters in a row, so I’m off to crash. Oh, and we haven’t thanked you all for sticking with us in awhile….so, thank you. We can feel the love and it’s moving us along.


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