This morning we took a family trip to the dump. Although we have filled many trashcans full, this was our first landfill trip we have needed to take since the beginning of construction one year ago. For $10, we dumped a truckload full of drywall scrap. There were many local construction companies making large drop offs. We get bummed that we have to throw anything away, but with a bit of mindfulness, we have definitely reduced that standard amount of construction waste. Going to the landfill was a great reminder of the value of simplicity and a wonderful opportunity to teach Soleil about how trash only disappears because we don’t see once it leaves our house. We all got to enjoy Ryan’s “throw it into reverse and slam on the brakes” approach to emptying the truck bed. Nothing like a little bit of whiplash to get you going in the morning.

photo 2(73)photo 1(83)






Today was the first day of drywall finishing. They are hoping to complete our home by Monday. Fingers crossed!


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