Water Heater

10649522_10101302077787768_2911622337768447976_nTaking a break feels strange. We have been working on the home for so long now with all our free time that it just seems normal at this point. This weekend has been a very helpful break from the construction site. I worked at the Ocoee Festival all weekend, and Brooks mother dropped in and helped out with Soleil. Our drywall crew spent some of the weekend working on finishing up (mudding and taping seams, etc) but were supposed to finish by Sunday. They did not show yesterday or today, but so is the world of construction… you never really know when your sub-contractors will follow through! Other than the time-frame, Vinnys drywall crew have been great and we are glad we decided to go with them.

61863385-f513-4e41-9832-973b2dd37fd8_400On another note, we bought the water heater for our house! I built a small shed under the 40 ft container… below the kitchen for the water heater and insulated walls/floor. With a heat lamp this should work perfectly to protect our $400 investment! Given our bad luck with water heaters, we decided the Rheem electric 50 gallon tank (with 12 year parts / 3 year labor warranty) would be the best way to go. Hopefully this sucker will keep the water IN the tank! Luckily it is below our house and not inside our house… so even if it breaks/leaks we will not need to renovate!

We hope you all had a beautiful and laid back labor day weekend and enjoy your evening! Goodnight.

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