Airstream Love

Today I considered starting to pack boxes. Our no-AC rental convinced me that, no, I should not pack boxes, but still…we’re at that point. Move in day is roughly 5 weeks away–a reality so hard to believe. It has been a year we will always remember and we’re so glad you all came along for the ride.

There’s a wee bit of touch up work to be done, but the drywall is essentially complete–sans paint. The rest of this week will bring some exciting forward movement. We’ll start bringing in kitchen cabinets and appliances and finishing the plumbing. We’ll also install the baseboard heating and hopefully finish off the electric. Siding is high priority as well, so we’ll continue to stain the HardiePlank and hopefully start putting it up.

In other news..this North Carolina couple did an amazing $1,500 renovation on a 1978 Airstream. Check it out!

photo via
photo via

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