Paint And Stuff

When building a home…account for a double in price of every estimated cost and photo(20)plan on every phase taking twice as long as planned. Thought drywall would be completed by Sunday, but alas, it continues.

We started priming the drywall this morning and good God almighty, that stuff goes on thick and slow as molasses. So, when one of the drywallers asked us if we would like a quote on painting we were all…, “Uh,Yea.” It’s not the walls we’re too worried about, but that cathedral ceiling is no joke. It is super high, super big and with all the beams there is going to be a good dealing of cutting and detail work. If we do all of the prep work (taping the windows, etc.) it would cost $25o to completely prime and paint the ceiling, plus prime all other walls. We are checking out the ole’ budget and seeing what can be moved around to make this possible. Again, huge time saver and we’ve got a move in day fast approaching!

We’ll get Ryan tucked in early tonight as he’s got a 6:00 am wake-up call to head out and pick up the rest of our siding. We’ve got our siding helpers lined up for the weekend of the 13th so that’s when a big chunk of that project will take place.

Finally, this morning we were chatting with a local broker about the possibility of speaking with local banks and real estate agencies. We are excited about the idea of presenting our home to the groups that laughed us out of their offices one year ago. We’re not spiteful…everything worked out…we just want to be ambassadors for alternative construction. We want to be one example of how the concept of “home” should be seen through a wider lens. We were not supported by lenders because they think within the framework (pun always intended) of traditional stick build homes with a 30/70 land/home value split. We feel like presenting our finished project, if nothing more, would be a positive step towards someone else following their dream-home dream.

I’ve kept you too long. Good night!



3 thoughts on “Paint And Stuff

  1. As a Realtor currently fighting the battle for tiny homes and container homes in my city, I appreciate and applaud you for being willing to go the extra mile!

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