Drywall – DONE

Whelp, one week after our expected completion date… the drywall is finally done. Time for paint! We figure it will be much easier to paint before final electric/plumbing is done. We will start on this tomorrow.

img_0501_2On a sponsorship note… we just got word that Keyport will be sponsoring our project! WEHOOOOOOOO! From a designers standpoint, this minimal key-chain is an amazing design. You can fit up to 6 keys in a Keyport the size of a pack of tick-tacks. Besides key “slides”, they also have slides for an LED light, USB flash drive, bottle bundle-black_1opener, and pen. We are so excited to use Keyports for our new house keys, and will keep you all posted on their arrival.

Have a nice evening everyone and thanks for reading!

PS. Were in The Laurel Of Asheville this month! Check out page 64 & 65 spread.

Screen shot 2014-09-06 at 1.24.09 AM


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