That’s A Wrap

So we decided to take the middle path. We will prime and paint all of the downstairs walls and we will hire out the priming of the upstairs walls as well as the priming and painting of the ceiling. To cut costs, we are doing the prep work for the guys that will spray come Monday or Tuesday. As I write this at nearly midnight, Ryan is taping up windows and beams. He’s one hard working dude.

photo 1(86)photo 2(76)






We bought a nail gun from a pawn shop and borrowed Ryan’s dad’s compressor for it. Turns out they both work so we are ready for siding!

photo 3(68)photo 4(53)








Hope you all are enjoying your weekend. Me and Soleil’s land clearing adventures resulted in poison ivy so, you know…we’ll be scratchin’ if you need us.


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