Howdy! Today was a quiet day on the construction site, but tomorrow morning will bring electrical finishings and more siding. According to our day by day September plan, we would be grouting the center slab early Thursday morning and sealing it early Friday morning. We’ll re-assess this plan towards the end of tomorrow.

While Soleil was building a village of sand castles at the park, I whipped out a notebook and started sketching out the bedrooms. Of course, all things interior will shift and change, but it would be nice to have a most basic idea about what’s going on come move in time. Currently, we own one bedframe which will probably end up in the master bedroom. For now, I’m thinking stacked pallets for the other two. Quick, cheap, easy, done.



4 thoughts on “Plotting

      1. I’m debating on whether I want to build a container house myself. I am a Canadian and our by laws are different than the States. We were looking at buying six forty feet containers to start and go from there, but I need to find a floor plan first. I like what your doing and I hope things go good for you and your family.

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