Aaaaah, another “what a day” kind of day!  This morning consisted mostly of photo 2(82)planning for the next phase of siding.

The back of the house requires a whole lotta trim work, but the guys are getting it (and all of us people on the ground on encouraging them to take their time).

Our big uh-oh came around mid-day when one of our electricians accidentally drilled through a water pipe while installing baseboard heating in the bathroom. Lesson for us: Use lots more nails plates. Lesson for plumber: Ask for ‘behind the wall’ photos (which we have) or homeowner knowledge of where pipes are. It’s a setback for sure, but a very small problem within the the context of world problems.

photo 1(92)This evening, I set Soleil up with a movie on my computer so I could sneak in an hour of priming. She’s so easy going which is so very helpful.

A late night Home Depot run rounded out the day. The primary mission was to return our largest baseboard heater which we discovered today was majorly dented. We also picked up exterior primer and white paint for the trim around the windows.

So with that, buenas noches.



3 thoughts on “Whoops

  1. I have been following your emails and am amazed at what you have done! I am also interested in building my home with storage containers… I will be traveling thru your area next week on our much anticipated move from CT to FL and would love to see at least the outside of your home… If possible I would love to know where it is and if you wouldnt mind a couple of old hippie look e loos? LOL Thanks … Kate and Jim Consiglio

    1. Hey Kate and Jim, We would love to show you around the house, but given its popularity, we have a LOT of of people asking for tours. We just don’t have the time right now to show the house. If we showed the home to everyone who asks, we would have no time to actually work on the house! We may start giving tours after we are finished and have moved in… but were still discussing that option. We hope you understand and thank you thank you thank you for the support!

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