Power Pole

photo 2Today we got our power pole put in! WEEEEHOOOO! One step closer to turning on the lights.

They gave us a few options for underground cables… 1. drop it down a pole and dig it from the front street, across our front lawn for 50ft. to our house. 2. Charge us around $3ooo to drop it from a power pole and dig it under the street behind our house, or 3. They dig in a power pole on our side of the street, run the line down that, and dig it from the back along the edge of our photo 3land about 30 ft. to our house. We chose #3. Whelp, the trench was dug, the lines laid, and today they finally put in the pole! Now we just need to have our final electric inspection, and we can turn on the power!!!

On another note, Charter cable should be stopping by tomorrow to put in our cable lines. Our plumber will also be dropping by to work on finishing up our master bathroom, and we have three people coming at different times all to help Ryan with the siding. Tomorrow will be a BUSY DAY. Given it is already 11:25, we should probably get to sleep now.



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