First Mow

Good evening everyone! Today Keli Keach sent us her latest photographs of the home. Beautiful to say the least. We are always astounded by her work.







This evening we mowed our lawn for the first time! The grass seed worked, and we now have a green, beautiful yard.

photo 2Our plumber finished the first copper faucet in our master-bathroom. We will be laying tile behind it later, but for now it just needs to meet code! Our bath-tub will have a similar style faucet as well.

My evening consisted of connecting the water-pipes from our water-heater room below the kitchen, to the house pipes through the floor. This proved to be a wet task, as the water had been turned on to the lines, and GUSHED out drenching me and the room as soon as they were cut. We now have a fan running full-speed with the door open which will hopefully dry it out by the morning.

Tomorrow morning I will attempt to connect the bath-tub to the drain before work so that our plumber can in-turn finish the bath-tub fixture.


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