Birthday X2

Good evening everyone. Today consisted of a bit of clean-up, cable installation, some wiring via our electricians, and a bit of after birthday birthdayness.

This morning Soleil and I dropped off the 20ft. aluminum walk-board at the tool rental center. Two weeks cost $120 + $150 for the pole-jacks, $50 for the poles comes out to WAY cheaper ($680 cheaper) than the Genie boom-lift would have cost us for a week! After getting back, I cleaned up the house a bit (enough so you can actually walk around inside). Then headed to work for the day. While at work, Charter cable photo 3company dropped by two weeks ahead of schedule and without giving any notice whatsoever and buried our cable in the ground. This is Charter for ya.

Ian dropped in and installed a few outlets, put on some outlet covers, and ran a few wires for our thermometer/heat bulb in the water heater room. photo 2 He also put up two of our motion-sensor flood lights on the left and right side of the house. This will make it a LOT easier to walk around at night!

photo 1Thats about it for today. OH! And we had dinner made for us out at my parents house. A late birthday treat for Brook. What a wonderful evening indeed.



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